Charlottesville, Virginia



February 6, 2014

I was reminded recently of a picture that I saw several months ago of 2 arrows , one pointing vertically and the other horizontally.
I then heard the words: : "You will hit the bull's eye."

The next day I was riding on a road trip and traveling on the interstate at dusk and I noticed directly in front of me an unusual picture in the sky. There were two jet streams. One appeared to look like a long white arrow being shot from the ground upward in the sky and into a very dark cloud. The other one was completely horizontal and appeared to be somewhat above the horizon and extended in both directions as far as I could see. These two streams intersected with one another. As I continued to observe, I noticed that the vertical stream began to dissipate and appeared to look like incense and smoke rising upward into the cloud.

The Lord then said to me: " I am releasing the prayers of My saints. Many faith filled prayers have gone up to me and are being readied in the heavenlies, to be shot around the earth and to hit targets of the enemy. For I am bending My bow to strike My enemies and the enemies of My people. I am be going forth for the salvation of My beloved ones. "

" Even as the enemy is raging, I am calling My people to strategic warfare. Let the praises of God be in your mouths and let My people be joyful in Me. Let them worship in abandonment and let them war with My Word. " '

" The prayer of My righteous saints are effective in this hour. Do not allow all that the enemy is doing to deceive you, dissuade you, nor discourage you. Come to Me with joy and singing. This is the day of a New Song which will cause the armies of the enemy to flee. Keep your eyes upon Me and on your assignments for this hour. For I am with you today and all those who are seeking after Me in prayer. Did I not say that the fervent prayers of the righteous avail much and have great effective power?" So it shall be.

Later I was pondering what I had seen and heard and I happened to glance at my computer and the time read: 11:11.

The Lord then said, " The prayers of My righteous ones are going to result in the shaking of the gates. For I am shaking the gates of cities, regions, and nations. Through your prayers, wickedness will be shaken out of many places and many gates of entry. For it is My desire to restore safety in the gates."

" However, you must remember this day to put on that which I have given you, in order to wage effective warfare. You must put on the full armor of God daily, so that the enemy has no access to you or through you, as you partner with Me to take back territory that the enemy has stolen through complacency, deception, carnality, and ignorance. I have given you all that is necessary by My Word and by My Spirit to wage war with the enemy and be victorious. As you worship and seek My face, I will reveal keys and strategies that will allow My people to take back territory of cities and regions. This will be a unified and concerted effort. "

" So arise this day and put on clean garments and your battle attire. Arise with a new song of praise. Arise this day, for the keys of the Kingdom are being given to all who would hear My voice and obey, " says the Lord.

Psalm 149:1-9
Habakkuk 3: 8-15
Revelation 5: 8-12
James 5:16b
Ephesians 6: 10-18


JANUARY 27, 2014

I heard the words: "Restoration at many levels. " The Lord said, " Deep wounds are being healed. Even some things that you did not know were there and things that you have just tried to live with are going to be healed. Many of My people are going to get a complete "overhaul."

"Don't let the enemy cause you to focus on how things have appeared, what seems to be happening, your past nor your present circumstances. He is the master of illusion. Come to Me and bring all your concerns. Stay focused on Me and My Word. Cast off all doubt. Cast off all of the religion that many of you have been taught through the years: doctrines and teachings of men. Let My Word and the Holy Spirit bear witness to the truth. Knowledge of the truth will set you free. The devil has been devising webs of deception over the years. But I am coming to disentangle all of that now. "

" I am restoring My Body to wholeness. My promises are true and sure. I am bringing wisdom, understanding, insight, awareness, and discernment. You will see some things more clearly now. I am opening your eyes of understanding. Blinders from the enemy are falling off. I am giving new clarity and insight. Both restored and new vision. Deep things and a deep work of My Spirit are being done this day. Believe it and receive it," says the Lord.

Joel 2:25
Colossians 2:8
Colossians 2:20-23
John 8:32
1John 2:27
Isaiah 54:10
Proverbs 2:1-7


JANUARY 20 , 2014

As I was driving in my car praying, I noticed a large dark mountain right before me. It was dusk. I heard the Lord say: "Grace, grace, grace."

Later the next day He said to me : "These are the days in which My grace is going to remove mountains: obstacles that have stood between My people and their destinies and in the lives of many of their family members and those whom they have stood in faith and prayer for, even some, or a long number of years. "

"As you align yourself with Me and My purposes and ways, you will speak to those mountains and will begin to see them disintegrate, almost as before your very eyes." Many of My promises to you are coming forth in this very year, some, without delay. This shall prove to be a year of New Beginnings and fulfilled promises. Even in the lives of some who have lived far from Me, their lives are going to be preserved and restored by your persistent prayers and the purity of your lives before Me."

" You are going to begin to see the "bigger picture" now and will also begin to experience Me in new ways, that will surprise and delight you. So, I say, Do not be discouraged this day. For this is truly a new day of reaping and fulfillment of My promises, Beloved. Rest in My grace and unfailing love and expect Me to do what I have faithfully promised. "

Zechariah 4:6-7
Mark 11:23-24
Luke 18:1-8
Job 22:30
Psalm 37: 34

2014: A Year of Release, Recovery, Restoration and Open Doors

JANUARY 1, 2014

As I have sought the Lord for the past few weeks regarding 2014 these are some of the words, impressions, and visions that have come to me.
I have heard the Lord say:" Release, Recovery, and Restoration. " The Lord said, " Release Everything to Me. Many who have continued to release their lives to Me and have stood through tests and trials of adversity will be released into new levels of destiny. There will be a release of those who like Joseph , have been imprisoned in their circumstances , until the appointed time and they are suddenly going to be released and many promoted."

" For others, this will be a year of repentance and release from various forms of captivity and bondage, as I come to set captives free. There will also be a release of a new level of Joy, in My House."

" Many who have stood firm in believing faith in the mist of adversity and even rejection, but have continued to press in to Me and press on in faith and love, are going to see turn a rounds in their circumstances, breakthroughs in their families and finances, and new levels of healing in their bodies, as I come to make many things New. This will prove to be a year marked by Restoration and New Life. Those who keep their lamps oiled and burning are going to experience Me and My Kingdom in profound and amazing ways."

" Even as darkness continues to cover the earth and man made systems continue to shake and ultimately collapse, A New Day and a New Hour are Arising for My Church and My Bride." " This will not be a year marked by the building of outward structures, but a time of restoring true Koinonia, Christian love and fellowship within My Church. For I am building My Church without walls."

I saw myself in a very dark room behind a door and peering through an "old fashion" key hole and heard the words: "My light over comes the darkness." As I peered through the key hole, I could tell that it was night, although it appeared very light and bright. I then noticed what seemed to be a key being placed in the key hole and heard the key turn and the door began to open wider and wider, releasing more and more light , and illuminating the room.

Then this is what the Lord said to me: " I have heard your prayers and the prayers of many others crying out for more of Me. I am releasing more of My Glory in and through you. I have heard your prayers and the prayers of others for their families, and for those who are bound, sick, and lost. I have heard your cry for your nation and for the nations of the earth. I have heard you asking, seeking, and knocking and I am now coming in response to your hearts' cry. I am setting before you an Open Door of My presence in 2014. Many will be changed and transformed, as My Kingdom advances and as the transforming power of My presence is released in a new a dramatic way in this season. This year will bring forth much of what has been prayed out and prayed in, by My faithful ones and My praying Church," says the Lord.

Hosea 14:4-8
Genesis 41:1, 37-43
Isaiah 60:1-3
Isaiah 61:1-4
Psalm 16:11
Matthew 7:7
Revelation 3:7-8

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