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August 23,

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

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COVENANT RENEWED by Bill and Marsha Burns:

We are on a distinct prophetic journey marked by the power of grace that will awaken us to a distinct spiritual reality for this season. This time will be charted by defining moments that present choices -- either wise or foolish, led by the Spirit of God or by carnality. We are in the prophetic early-morning, fourth watch of the third day of Christ, the beginning of the third millennium since Christ. We must stay in the flow and life of the Holy Spirit or we will find ourselves in bitterness of soul and spirit. The countdown has begun that will take us to the end, but there is still a long way to go and much to accomplish.

If we choose not to take responsibility to fulfill our part of the covenant by doing what God has given us to do, we will find ourselves in poverty both spiritually and naturally. But, if we reconnect with our God-given covenant, we will be established in a time of blessing. It is necessary that we be found in Zion, the city of God, regardless of what it takes to get there. There the Spirit of God will dominate our spiritual landscape and carry us to kingdom destiny.

Anointing of Fire by Bill Burns
Transformation will come in the anointing given in this season.
CD $10 

Examine Yourself by Bill Burns
Self-examination will reveal what we have overlooked.
CD $10

What Is God Doing by Bill Burns
An examination of the overall theme for this season.
CD $10

As You Think by Marsha Burns
Whatever you think about yourself is what you will become; you might need to re-evaluate.
CD $10 

Faith & Will by Marsha Burns
 Our faith and will work together in accessing God's provision and healing.
CD $10

Road To Freedom by Marsha Burns
Thoughts about achieving complete freedom from bondage.
CD $10


August 2014 Download
Bill Burns--Examine Yourself, What Is God Doing, Anointing of Fire
Marsha Burns--Faith & Will, Road to Freedom, As You Think
J. Burns--Vision Sounds